Recruitment: Yaranaika? (2015 edition)

Please read the entire application if you serious about applying for a position in the group. The recruiting page will be updated weekly (probably), so check back often to see if a position is available!

life4Kaoru is a small vanilla hentai and doujinshi translation group, but we need new members just as much as anybody.  We do mostly vanilla hentai works with some occasional SFW projects on the side. You can get in contact with us through the form below, or you can stop by our IRC channel at #life4kaoru on Rizon.

Currently, we are looking for both translators and typesetters. For both positions, no previous experience is necessary as long as you have a desire to improve, although having some experience is preferable.  Working on doujinshi does take time no matter what role you are doing, please be aware of this and there is no paid compensation: We do this out of love, not profit.  Please do not waste our time or yours if you are going to join and then disappear before you finish a single project.  Your workload is entirely up to you, but if you can’t spare  several hours a week to work on something then you are probably not cut out for this.

*IMPORTANT* Group members will also be expected to maintain some level of IRC presence. If you don’t know what that is, please go read up on it because we use IRC a great deal to delegate work. It’s okay if you can’t be on all the time, but if you’re hardly on at all it will cause complications for everyone.

*ALSO IMPORTANT* While we appreciate the notion of wanting to help, we don’t need any proofreaders or quality checkers at this time. So please don’t submit an application that sounds like “I can typeset but would prefer to QC because it takes less time” because that reeks of laziness.

Translator recruitment is CLOSED as of 4/20/2015. 

Typesetter recruitment is OPEN as of 4/20/2015. 

What we are looking for in a Translator:

  • To translate Japanese > English, we don’t do other languages.
  • With regards to the JPLT, N5 and above is fine as long as you are continuing to learn.  Just mention how much experience you have in the application.
  • Japanese learners are welcome to join. Working on doujinshi is a great way to gain experience in translating and also improve your Japanese. Group members will be around to help if you ever have trouble. However, we are not part-time teachers, so do not apply as a translator with very little or no Japanese knowledge and expect us to teach you. You can do that on your own time.
  • You can place your translations in a txt file or use Photoshop to place them over the appropriate bubbles and save it as a layered PSD file, whichever you prefer is fine. An example is below.
  • We don’t ask that you translate every single little sound effect.

What we are looking for in a Typesetter:

  • Experience with Photoshop (5 or above will work). Tell us how much experience you have working with it, whether it was for another scan group or something else. Failure to address this point in your application will not merit a response from us on our end.
  • Remove the Japanese text out of bubbles and replace it with English.
  • Redrawing when necessary (if text is over a background, on a character’s body part, etc). The difficulty level varies greatly here, someone new to typesetting won’t be expected to handle it all, other group members will be willing to help you out.
  • Use different fonts to make the text look visually appealing, making emotions stand out from plain speech is important.


In all seriousness, if you have never typeset for a group before, we explicitly ask you to read through the following links before you apply. During our test phase, we will be able to tell if you actually did or are just full of shit. Don’t waste your time and our time if you’re going to submit something that’s done in Myriad Pro or Comic Sans with no redrawing.

Additional Note for Applicants:

In order to maintain a certain level of quality in our releases, we ensure that each member is cut out for their position. While we don’t particularly mind bringing on starry-eyed youths who want to be part of a scanlation group, we are not full-time tutors. If you’ve spent a little time on your own practicing your respective task and are still hitting a wall, our members will be glad to help. If you have no prior experience and expect us to tell you what to do, please don’t apply. There are plenty of great websites for up-and-coming translators, typesetters, cleaners, etc to learn the basics; so if you really want to join our effort and help us out, don’t give us more work than we need.

If you are interested in being a part of the L4K team, fill out the form below and send it in to us, and we’ll get in contact with you shortly. If you feel that you can help the L4K team in some other manner,  fill out an application and tell us what you can do: no “proofreaders” or “QCers” please. If you can critique translations or typesetting jobs, you better have the experience to justify it. 

**NOTE** There is no fee or cost or anything of that nature associated with joining.  If you read from anywhere or heard from anyone about the existence of one, it is COMPLETELY FALSE.

**NOTE** No, you do not receive monetary compensation from this. It’s important so we’re saying it twice.

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