10 comments on “Release 401: BANANA! LOCK-ON Wait this dude should lay off those

  1. I Looooove this, ever since I read it in the magazine. Really hope you do the next chapter too!! And a biggg thanks, never though someone would translate it after all this time

  2. The awesome Kaito image got my hopes up and then you just had to go and dash them. That makes me a sad panda…

  3. …still crying over here…

    You guys are Micchy! That’s who you are! All anti-hope and stuff! WAAHHHHAHAHA!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

  4. Both the post & release were weird yet interesting. Still can’t make up my mind about them, hah hah. But hey, totally worth the wait! Then next one has a lot to live up to~


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