17 comments on “Release 400: Infinite Blue-Balling

  1. Featuring School Council President in bikini and apron (either of which – or both – may not be around for long). ….. AND IT IS GLORIOUS !!!!! 😀

  2. 400 fucking releases. That’s fucking awesome.

    Sadly, no more Kaoru…. Amagami needs more OVAs or some such.

  3. kudos for releasing 400 great works. here’s for at least 100 more, but I hope it doesn’t stop there!

  4. Tatenashi is probably my favorite IS character, mostly because she doesn’t treat Ichika like dirt, nor is she prone to fits of irrational violent jealousy. So far she and Ran Gotanda are in the top picks for Best Girl next to Jiggles-Sensei. Thanks for the share L4K, it’s much appreciated.

  5. Happy 400th post L4K…..
    Hope u will make 10.000 post (at least don’t stop until i die. LoL)

    P.S. Chitoge is the best girl :LoL:

  6. Like Hezard said, I’m of the same opinion. Tatenashi & Ran are by far the best girls. Sadly, I feel that the “end” has already been decided and it’s gonna be Houki. Well, harem end is best end because it’s usually the only way I see the best girl “winning”.

    • We did a batch torrent for our 300th release, but for some reason the torrent itself was taken down, as to why we don’t presently know.

      At this time, we don’t have any immediate plans for a batch torrent, though I think I might stop reneging on my promise of restoring some of the older links one of these days. With publishers like Wani clamping down on anyone who releases content from their releases like Shitsurakuten and Kairakuten Beast, we wouldn’t be able to release quite a number of our works, so unless there’s some sort of paradigm change in the near future whether on our side or theirs, batch is a no-go.

      • (we wouldn’t be able to release quite a number of our works)

        This is exactly why a batch torrent is needed in my opinion. I think that if more publishers start something, and you guys were forced to remove an uncertain amount of links from the archive, a batch of everything could be a nice net to fall back on. Even if you guys had no hand in the compilation of the batch, the fact that it exists would be great.

        Anyways thanks for all the hard work and sorry about getting a little to naggy.

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