8 comments on “Release 399: Get Japanese Cold -> Get Sex -> ???? > PROFIT

    • “37.4 celcius” means nothing if taken literally, Celcius is a scale. The unit of measurement is “degree Celcius”, the Celcius of course being implied because this is Japan (and it’s visible on the thermometer anyway). There is no error here.

      • That wasn’t what I was talking about, F. It’s true there are some weird units around (heck, last week I was buying a new scale as my kids managed to break something with the former one, and I found some models allowed to choose stones as a unit, for Pete’s sake, stones, in 2014 !!). But, here, my concern was something else.

        Look. The girl is down. With a body temperature reaching crazy heights of 37.2 celsius degrees.
        Zero dot two ominous degrees above the average body temperature, why isn’t she already in a hospital ? What if she reached 37.6 degrees ?!?

        That was my point. But maybe the Japanese are built differently, something like that. Or the artist didn’t care about details like that 😀

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