8 comments on “L4K Release 397: Mi-Mi-Mi-Mikoto

  1. Just IMO, Mikoto provides the “D’AWWWW” (especially whenever Touma flips her switch – both physically and psychologically), while Shokuhou provides the “HNNNGGG”. Thus, one of the few things better than such a cute Touma x Mikoto h-doujin as this one, is one featuring a happy threesome. Either way, IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KAMIJOU (lucky bastard) 😉

  2. I thought that Takumi Namuchi and Digital Lover were the only ones interested in drawing a really dere-dere Mikoto Misaka, but this artist’s work did pretty well too.

    Does the last page mean that you’re going to translate something with Misaki Shokuhou next? I hope that’s indeed the case. There’s a Misaki-centred C84 title by Iwasaki Takashi that looks right up this group’s alley, if you’re interested.

  3. I see, I do hope you look into releasing more doujin titles centred around Misaki Shokuhou. An artist named Soba of the group SAZ recently released one for COMIC 1☆8, for instance.

      • You can’t blame Soba for sticking with the “body type” s/he likes best (both Misaki and Kaori in TAMNI/TAKNR share similar body characteristics, just with one being more “toned” than the other).

        If you really want another chance to do a translation for Soba’s Kaori-Kanzaki-centred works, you should look into acquiring this compilation:


        Apparently it contains an “extra story” to the “percent series” made by Soba that ties them all together before Soba started over again.

  4. Recently found six (as yet) untranslated works featuring: Touma x Misaki, Touma x Misaka x Misaki, and (probably rather rare) Touma x Index X Misaka. All look like vanilla-flavored. If by chance you are interested in any (or all) can send links to them from E-Hentai Galleries.

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