7 comments on “L4K Release 391: Misa Misa

  1. IMPO (in my personal opinion) not quite as “happy” as those gems put out some time back by Digital Lover, but I ain’t complaining – it’s been a while since an English-translated Raildex H-doujin has showed itself.

    Funny or silly (take one’s pick) – Misaka deciding she’s O.K. with anal penetration because (a heavily doped-up) Kamijou calls her by her first name. Oh, Shokuhou – you so crazy. 😉

  2. Thanks for your hard work here. I hope this means that you’ll be making translations of more doujinshi titles featuring “our Queen” soon. There are a number of untranslated ones still floating around.

      • I meant “our Queen” as per her epithet “Queen of Tokiwadai.”

        Anyway, can’t one be a fan of both characters? There are a few untranslated Kanzaki-centric doujins too–will you be working on those? Soba (of the SAZ circle), the most prolific Kanzaki-centric doujin artist even released a compilation that to my knowledge has not been scanned, even.

        • Much like JCStaff, we’re going on a Raildex hiatus save for maybe one thing that’s being work on atm.

          • Aww man, does that mean you won’t be revisiting this series until a new TAMNI or TAKNR anime series comes out?

          • So many Raildex doujins are out there (or at least up of e-hentai) – quite a few featuring either an M-T-M threesome, or Misaki and “her Prince” – all currently unavailable in English.

            “SUCH MISFORTUNE!” ;(

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