10 comments on “L4K Release 383: Don’t Mess With The Class Rep

    • We don’t have any plans to do so at this time.

      Thing is, while Fukudahda is great, to a certain extent there’s not much of a market out there to do Amagami doujins anymore. While I do enjoy us doing stuff like Sasaki Akira’s Hibiki works from time to time, the series doesn’t have as much pull as it did a few years ago. Go on exhentai and look at the favorites for the Kaoru doujin Fukudahda did for C82 and check out how many favorites it has compared to Tsukasa now. Interest in the series has died down a bit and it’s just an inevitability when it comes to parody-based works. That being said, I do think it’s a good doujin, but at the end of the day I have to think about whether or not it’s worth doing if it’s only going to get 100 favorites vs. Kaoru that got almost 400 around the time S2 was still fresh in peoples’ minds.

      • I’m confused; how does more favourites on the doujinshi databases benefit you?

        Anyway, I’m sure you realize that there are still plenty of fans of this TL group who love Amagami as much as you do. There’s been a recent backlog of untranslated but well-illustrated doujinshi for that series I hope you look into soon.

        • Don’t get me wrong: I like working on Amagami doujins, but as other groups have shown, devoting the efforts of one group to a single series is not the soundest business plan. It’s also a matter of manpower as well: we’re relatively low-staffed for what we do, so we usually plan out the releases we want to do well ahead of time and it’s only on rare occasion do we pick fairly recent stuff spur of the moment.

          Parody works are nice and all, but as far as expanding group efforts and members go, original vanilla works generally garner more attention then parody stuff. To a certain extent, if “there’s 1 doujin from X anime series that hasn’t been translated yet and it’s the only one”, there’s a reason why it hasn’t already. In our case, it’s a matter of manpower and working on our present projects.

          Not trying to come across as “my tastes > yours”, but if I have two works in front of me, one is a doujin from a recent anime show with okay art and the other is a good original vanilla story by Kamino Ryu-ya, Homonculus, Teri Terio, Kojima Saya, etc, I’d be more inclined to choose the latter since people are more likely to check out a piece based on the artist long after a show stops airing. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that while we appreciate the support our fans are giving us, we do what we do because we like it, and we’re going to continue to do works we like and we think more people we like too.

          • “Business plan”? You mean to say that you get more money the more favourites you get for your translations on the databases?

            Oh well, I see Amagami will likely be on the backburner for now. What about the original vanilla works by Mikuni Mizuki? I still remember the poll you held to gauge interest about that artist’s works, and that artist has done original works in Kairakuten BEAST every now and then.

            • I believe he means that compared to before, the level of attention for this particular series has dropped considerably, therefore why waste more time on it when there’s more recent series people would want english porns of?

  1. There are probably few things more dangerous than an “iincho” who tends to display yandere-like behavioral characteristics.

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