9 comments on “Happy Singles Awareness Day

  1. If the following article is true, quite a few Japanese have given up on sex and romance, so a lot will be celebrating “Singles Awareness Day” there too:


    I’m beginning to think that someone ought to hire the better among the various vanilla h-manga/doujinshi authors who are good at writing romance to make a new “manual for romance” for the younger generation, outlining things like meeting the right people, determining if they’re right for you, and how to hold a new relationship together. Would probably be more helpful to this new “sexless generation” than getting lessons in romance from J-dramas or the like.

  2. I would like to live in Japan, I would show them how to love and make love, I’m actually an amateur hitch, in the last 5 years I brought together 3 couples and helped hold 4 together. But I dont have any money to fly over there and stay there

  3. Awareness? Dude, after 19 Day 45s single in a row, and 23 of them in total since I turned 18, I might as well be invisible.

    My time’s been and gone, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  4. It’s nice being single.

    No significant other to argue with, no children to yell at; you can come and go whenever and wherever you please and nobody’s the smarter. Plus you will ALWAYS know where your money is. 🙂

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