9 comments on “Release 379: Momioka Clover

  1. That credit page…I wonder if someone at Baktsuki will pick it up. Though the Illustrations seem to be the only interesting part. Anyway, thanks for the translation.

  2. Initially I was just loving this post, then I reached page 7… D:

    L4K, I love you guys, But FUCK Japan and their Victorian era censorship laws.

  3. I hope someone on your team who is Japanese-fluent can contact the author to ask if s/he can make more doujinshis with this character, or even other side characters. Rin Kujou had a nice chapter focused on her recently, and I’d liked to have seen her in doujinshi as well.

    • I’d wager the tastes of us Westerners downloading their works for free feature pretty low in the authors’ priorities…

        • Yeah, why mention your translations work anyway if it’s just a simple question from a fan? It’s highly unlikely the side characters will get much more love from the original artist/author of To Love-Ru anyway.

          In any case, the “append” to this doujinshi from Comitia 107 has surfaced. Will you be translating that too?

  4. Part of me expected to see Momo near the end with a wicked grin on her face and (proverbially) ticking off a check-list, as if to say: “Another One Bites The Dust (i.e., joins the harem).

    Even without that, this is fine stuff.

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