10 comments on “Release 372: A Certain Time At The Karaoke Bar

  1. Did Yuka Nakajima revise any of her previous releases’ art in this compilation? It’s not uncommon for doujinshi artists to do that.

    The scenario in this doujinshi is based on one of Mikoto’s fantasies from D.L. Action 51. Given what happens here, I wonder if any doujinshi artists used the same one for Setsuna Ogiso from White Album 2, who happens to be a karaoke freak.

    Thanks for your work here, but is there any reason you didn’t translate the afterword too?

    • Our usual scanner didn’t get this one, so I’d had to ask the source if anything changed with the older releases.

      To a certain extent, it’s really a translator preference whether or not to do the afterword. While we’re appreciative of the artists for whom produce the works we work on, some of them ramble on a LOT with the pre/post commentary.

      • I see, that’s too bad. Anyway, I don’t believe the Rough Sketch 51 was uploaded anywhere. Is that going to be uploaded from your source?

        I think that translating the pre/post commentary would be a nice way for us Japanese-ignorant readers to get to know the doujinshi artists better. Being Japanese-ignorant, it’s not like we can e-mail them to ask questions about their work. And it’s not like many of us can go to Japan to meet them in person (at Comiket or otherwise). So please take this as a request from a long-time fan of yours to look into translating the commentary.

  2. Not bad – although my personal preference has lately become: either an “M-T-M” (Mikoto-Touma-Misaki) happy threesome, OR give Tou-MAN a good all-out harem ending. And Digital Lover has a great deal to do with my change in preference. 😉

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