6 comments on “Release 358: A SUPER INTERESTING Start to 2014

  1. Shouldn’t the title be “Harenchi” (shameless) instead of “Herenchi”? As far as I know “ハ” is pronounced “ha”.

  2. That routine of Kotegawa trying to maintain her original “moral high ground” has IMHO gotten old. Otherwise, this was a pleasent read, and no doubt the more serious “Yui x Rito” fans will love it.

    One thing though – unless I must start reading “Darkness” to get to the bottom of the issue – I was sure that the overall premise was for Rito to ultimately marry Lala, for the sake of protecting the world from being destroyed by her father if he (Rito) failed to become a man in her father’s judgement.

  3. Nice job as always.

    *sees the credits page*

    please stop sexualizing the destroyers, they are for headpats and lap sitting only, especially PSTD-tan.

    Sexualize the submarines or battleships or carriers instead since they are inherently lewd

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