2015! (Click Me!)

Haha, you clicked it!

For the new year I’m looking into customizing the site more to make it easier for users to find our older releases which I know many of you have been asking and I haven’t been approving those comments for ;9.

There’s one theme I’m particular to, but the issue with is that the header size is bigger then our current header, so I’m opening up user submissions for designing a new header for 2014!

The header must meet the following conditions:

  • It must fit the minimum requirements of 1015 by 276 pixels (it’s easier for me if it meets these exact dimensions).
  • It must have our group name displayed within it.
  • Preferably it should include Kaoru Tanamachi from Amagami in it.
  • It’s okay if it’s softcore (clever covering up of naughty bits gets bonus points).
  • I’m okay with artist signatures if you draw it, it just can’t draw attention away from the above things.

Anyone who wants to display their love for the taste of vanilla can fill out the submission form below. Include a upload link to your submission to be considered.

I’m also using this as a general suggestion page for ways that would make it for you guys to enjoy the works we put out whether it’s through the site or another medium. Not saying we will do EVERYTHING that’s suggested, but we can put some consideration into it.

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