5 comments on “IS2 OVA 1080 BD Release

  1. I concur Not Hayate, IS2 has sucked Mummified Monkey Nuts Dipped In Marinara Sauce.

    it’s like Eva rebuild 3.0 all over again, the successor material wowed and delighted us, then the follow up promptly fucks over all the previous progress.

    • keh..like the previous season any good..everyone knows that it’s a nobrainer show and its barely bearable coz there’s alcott there..:P

  2. Speaking solely for myself, will still buy it when it reaches Region 1 – wasn’t expecting anything else than (to borrow numerous terms from TV Tropes) oblivious to love male protagonist surrounded by unwanted harem and the various shenanigans that tend to occur under such conditions. And sometimes that suits me just fine.

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