10 comments on “Release 354: God Save the Desuwa

  1. Amongst the Alcott Fan club (if no where else), “… there was (and is) much rejoicing.” And there are indeed times when I happily consider myself one of them.

  2. If you like this “blonde noblewoman who talks in formal Japanese” archetype, will you also be translating doujins for Walkure Romanze as well?

    The artist’s work here is good, but this series is starting to get a little repetitive.

    • I dunno if I’ve even seen any doujins for Walkure Romanze out yet.

      IS has a sweet spot in my heart, but we’ll see if we vary it up a bit in the future.

      • I would think that the second title in this doujinshi series has the best art, in my opinion.

        In case you like the “Ichika gets with a girl with the goal of starting a family,” try this doujin by a group named “RIBI DOU”:


        Unlike this particular doujin series, Ichika does actually get to the “starting a family” part in the linked doujin.

        • Oh yeah, the preggo sex with Maya. I’ll give that it’s pretty cute up until that point, then it feels a bit ehhhh.

          • I did say that Ichika got further down the “starting a family” path in this doujin, right? As opposed to this doujin series by Red Crown where they talk about it but never actually get that far?

            Of course, your definition of “vanilla” might not be that broad.

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