10 comments on “L4K Release 350: More Kaoru

  1. Aw, yiss !

    That one was really splendid, the drawing style, the inspiration, the eyes, the eyes !

    Thank you very much for all the time you’re spending bringing us these great hentai mangas ! Not just porn, but art, talent, and a broad smile all along, haaaa =)

    (shamefully copying what I wrote at Red Vodka’s place ^^ Maybe I’ll develop. Hentai is different from all other forms of porn, because it is far, very very far from being just porn, there is so much MORE to it ! And your release is one of these, thank you !)

    • The funny thing about hentai (which, as a genre term, means full-on 18+ stuff) manga/doujinshi is that the vast majority of it really is stuff made to titillate customers/fans and make a quick buck. Sturgeon’s Law is in full effect here. Only a small minority of artists put both quality writing and art to their hentai manga/doujinshi, which, while nice to look at, is a tragedy because the poor reputation of the hentai genre in general means these artists almost never get a large following.

      I’m glad translation groups like these help to spread knowledge about the artists in this minority, even if it’s in a small way.

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