27 comments on “The Doujin Group Does Anime: Infinite Stratos more specifically!

  1. you guys did a fantastic job, be proud of it. this was better done then some(all) of the groups doing this show.

  2. You guys still didn’t include a CRC in the v2. Not to mention using a capital V for v2, not including the website link in the torrent description, messing up the IRC link, and forgetting to upload the 1080p even after you promised it. Then you didn’t remove the original v1 so people don’t accidentally download it. It’s funny when scanlation groups try to sub 😛
    P.S. torrents can be edited after they’re submitted too.

  3. Thanks for the Release.. Just wondering is it just me who is having small fonts on 12:51 part of the video. thanks ^_^

  4. Hello. May I request the fonts that you used for this episode? My PC is newly formatted so I don’t have any other fonts installed. Thank you! 😀

    • Arial, Calibri, Chinacat, Levi Rebrushed, Trebuchet, Verdana, Book Antiqua, Eras Medium ITC and Gills Sans MT

      • I mean, if you don’t mind, can you upload the actual fonts on a file sharing site? Really would appreciate it if you can do that since there’s no other subbing team that offers IS2 OVA other than you guys. Thanks!

  5. There’s a random problem where the font size shrinks in the scene where Ichika is asking Houki to come out to play. It’s only one line, but the text goes to a really small, difficult to read size.

  6. As much as I like the original light novels, and even the first season IS anime, I cannot bring myself to fully enjoy IS2. As far as I’m concerned it deviates too much from the source material and trades it for fan service BS. And not to the benefit of the show, it just ends up being cheap and irritating while rushing through what was already a good plot and discarding characters that it would have been fun to see more of, including Ran Gotanda.

    But that’s just me, regardless, thanks for the post L4K and sorry for my little bitch fit rant.

    • Oh believe me, I know it was shit. Blame 8bit for thinking they could do 3 shows at once and be lazy on the motherfucking flagship series of all things.

      And now we’re expected to get Electronic Brain World animated in an OVA in 2014, and that section itself is by far the dumbest and most unnecessary part of IS so far. Goddammit Japan, stop doing stupid shit.

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