7 comments on “Release 311: Nee-chin!!!

  1. I don’t get it; why did this artist decide to start the story all over again? This title is definitely not related to the previous doujins that this artist released for this pairing.

    Sadly this artist seems to be the only one regularly making doujins for this pairing too.

    • >artist seems to be the only one regularly making doujins for this pairing.
      I see nothing wrong with this.

      And I haven’t seen a Kanzaki % doujin since C80 (the one he did at C81 was 4 pages, no counto for me), so maybe the author felt it was appropriate to end it at 7% but still likes doing Kanzaki doujins.

      • I think some other artists could do a great job with Kanzaki. Zucchini (who made a very-well-received Kiss-shot doujin for Bakemonogatari recently) is one, as could Okara, or even Homunculus. And I was hoping to see a follow up to the % series by Soba.

        Much too bad, really.

  2. Between the recent offerings by (in no specific order) Digital Lover, Aspergillus and now THIS, one thing is undeniably true about the last two weeks ….. IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KAMIJOU.

    • This just came to me (it may not necessarily be in line with canon material) but, WHAT might happen IF the members of the unwanted harem who happen to be at the concert recognize that Touma is not there, and also that Kanzaki Kaori is also nowhere to be seen?


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