8 comments on “Release 309: More Shameless Things from C84

  1. Where was Momo in this doujin? Is it not related to the previous ones by this artist? Usually at the end of the previous ones in this series it’s shown to be all part of Momo’s harem-building plans.

      • I see, I thought that the artist would have left a note on his/her official blog.

        I would think that Homunculus (who is also part of the same circle as Maniac Street) would have released something for C84 too, but I can’t find any trace of this.

        • Homonculus doesn’t really do Comiket all that often. The last time he did it was at C80, and it was a Bakemono doujin with Kissshot we ended up doing about 2 years ago.

          Dunno if some artists choose to not participate in Comiket due to how crazy it can get. Hell, Tony Taka got brought in by the police because some of the dakis has was selling had insufficient censoring supposedly. He does well enough with serializations I imagine.

  2. “How crazy it can get”? I wonder if Homunculus had a bad experience at a previous Comiket, then. I still liked his touch with doujinshi, though. As for dakimakuras, censorship laws in Japan can get pretty strange–I can’t imagine what the police would do in Comiket if lolicon was banned in Japan (for instance) and they had to enforce such laws in conventions like that–heaven knows how many anime characters look underage and are put in racy situations (by their original creators, even) all the time.

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