11 comments on “Release 307: My My Misaki

  1. Ahem … notwithstanding whether this (or anything like it) ever appears in so-called “canon” territory, if it has not already been established, Kamijou Touma should be expressly forbidden from thinking or saying: “Fukou Da (Such Misfortune”.),….. EVER AGAIN.

  2. Everyone is jumping on the Misaki Shokuhou bandwagon this comiket. I wonder if it’s because her seiyuu, Azumi Asakura, is a rising star.

      • If they wanted to draw “blondes with nice bodies,” they could have stuck with Oriana Thomson or Orsola Aquinas, both of whom are from TAMNI.

        Or maybe the “complainers” are right and there’s just something about girls in middle school (which Misaki is supposed to be in) that doujin artists find simply irresistible.

        • While you’d like to go with what you want to draw, you also want to sell something that’ll sell, and more often than not that means using recent characters. The only way some artists can get away with drawing the same characters over and over again is because they’ve built a following and a demand for it.

          Case and Point: Mitarashi Club and the Akiko to Issho ni doujins. Kanon has long fallen out of being popular, yet this circle has been publishing this consistently for the past couple of years.

  3. Sometimes it’s a matter of “personal obsession.” Go look at Polorinken’s works, for instance. All of that artist’s doujin titles are based on the game Sentimental Graffiti, which is from the year 1998(!), and at last count Polorinken released one for C83 too. I have to wonder just how many fans Polorinken has (the art’s not bad by any stretch) to have made enough money over the years on such an old series.

    Mitarashi Club at least branches out on occasion; s/he made an original tankoubon named “Seishokusha” that has yet to be translated, and a nice Gundam 00 doujin focused on Marina Ismail. It’d be great if you could look into that old tankoubon to see if any stories in it might be good for translation.

    Two other doujin artists I know of who are largely focused on one series are Creayus (who focuses on Code Geass, most especially with the characters CC and Lelouch) and Kawakami Rokkaku AKA Ajisaidenden (who focuses on Darker than Black and is a big fan of the Hei and Yin pairing). Both of them have branched out as well but always return to their “first loves.” Might you look into translating more of their works? Their stuff really deserves more love.

      • I’m sorry, what are you getting at?

        I made those suggestions because those artists are good and I trust your translation and image-editing skills. I’d rather that works by those artists be translated by trustworthy people like you than rely on slipshod work.

        Is there a reason why this blog doesn’t have unlimited “reply” options? After 3 replies to one post, you can’t click on the “reply” button anymore for that reply chain.

        • I like it when people share their honest opinion, whether it’s about the stuff we put out or the artists as well.

          And yeah since I’ve started the blog for the group, I haven’t really looked into some of the nitty-grittier aspects of the site like replying and what-not. Needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done behind the scene as of right now, and I think part of the reason there is a 3 reply minimum is the same reason your posts don’t show up immediately after you submit them: it’s an anti-spam measure probably. I’ll try looking into it tonight.

          • Yeah, WordPress has a max reply to 1 comment limit of 10, so I upped the limit to 8 just because it would be kind of silly if it continued from there.

            I’ve also enabled instant commenting for the time being, but as admin I have the right to re-enable if I see the need to.

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