7 comments on “Release 303: Kaoru Birthday Surprise

  1. When I heard that this was going to be translated, I thought that someone else was going to handle the translation effort. I’m glad you caught it in time.

    Any chance you’d be interested in branching out to other Amagami characters? There’s an artist named “Santa” who specializes in well-drawn Tsukasa Ayatsuji doujins and fanart of Amagami.

    I’d post some relevant links, but I’m not sure if the spam filter has been adjusted to let them through just yet.

    • While doing more Amagami is always nice, C84 is coming up soon, so we’re pretty much going to be focused on that.

      • Oh well, Comikets come and go but your love for Kaoru (and by extension Amagami) is eternal, so I hope you come back to that series soon since some of its doujinshis were VERY nice.

        By the way, remember that “Undeath for Kaoru” phase you guys had for a short time? It’s too bad that Kore wa zombie desu ka? doujins were so rare–the characters were pretty nice.

  2. This is just a heads-up that UGC released another Hibiki-centric doujin for C84, and the scans came out recently. I hope to see you guys translate it soon.

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