14 comments on “Release 300: Getting Freaky With Hibiki And More

  1. Oh – your paypal donation doesn’t work, apparently, I thought I’d tip in. Clicking it gave me “Désolé – votre dernière action n’a pas pu être terminée” from Paypal, which would mean “sorry, your latest action couldn’t be done”. No idea why O_o

  2. Thanks for your hard work. It seems that this doujin isn’t related to the ones that came before it, because the plot elements it mentions weren’t in the previous ones–I was expecting a continuation to Secret Assignation 5 by this artist, and this didn’t appear to be one.

    I look forward to seeing more good work from this translation group.

    • Well, the last one we did did have Ai and Hibiki sharing Junichi for smexing times, and based on their conversation, they’ve both done it with him, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume this is a continuation.

      • It’s just that I don’t recall contraception ever being an issue in the previous titles for this series by this artist.

        Any chance you’ll be branching out into what I suggested earlier?

        • Theoretically speaking, in the previous works, both, or in the case of the last one, all three parties could have been aware that it was a safe day without saying it, so that could be one explanation as to why condoms were never brought up until now.

          Hell, that might be something that was addressed in Secret Assignation 1, but we’ve never found a copy of that ;_;

  3. Oh well, it’s not uncommon for doujin artists to make doujins unrelated to previous ones featuring the same characters. After all, it’s not like they have editors breathing down their necks to respect past continuity.

    What about Hibiki’s extra route from the game? Any chance you’d translate that? Here’s a vid showing part of it:

    It’s much too bad that Hibiki didn’t get a route in the anime adaptation of Amagami. Lately it seems like Yuu Asakawa’s characters have gotten no love (which was the case in the KoiChoco anime adaptation).

    Given the content of what you’ve released in the past, I thought you’d be all over Mikuni Mizuki’s or Renri Suzudama’s material (which as proven to be vanilla of very high quality). I’d understand if you had your reasons for staying away from their material, though.

    • Honestly, I did translate bits and pieces of that very Omake CD a long time again, but HD failure kind of erased all of it. As far as I know, there is a translation effort for the game somewhere on the internet, but heck if I know.

      • And honestly I can’t say I’ve heard of them, so I guess I’ll take a look at their stuff.

  4. Well, I did give a few links to Mikuni Mizuki’s works in the suggestions thread a long time ago. I can post a more updated batch here if you’re interested, as well as links to Renri Suzudama’s works (which sadly doesn’t have much in the way of translations either).

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