13 comments on “VERY IMPORTANT READ: DL Links + Recruitment

  1. There are lots of options available. You can look around at http://www.wjunction.com/95-file-hosts-official-support to find a bunch of them.

    I currently use Filezy, but I am having a serious look at the new Oceanus.ch that is starting up soon. They will be allowing free simultaneous downloads, but with limited speed per download. Not that it matters much for small files.
    Find their thread here: http://www.wjunction.com/95-file-hosts-official-support/167396-new-oceanus-ch-encrypted-swiss-filehost.html

  2. Damn, and they were my favourite, too. 😦

    Thank you for all the hard work, it’s much appreciated. I don’t know if there’s any services that aren’t annoying as all hell, but Sendspace might come close. No idea what it’s like for uploaders though.

  3. Did you bought a Pro account from Mediafire for posting the material? (the one they suspended)
    Now I have an account there which I use very rarely, but I have some lewd files there and I just checked and I still can send the links (1-time download too) to others to download.

    • Luckily I didn’t, and while the offer is appreciated, wouldn’t be surprised if your account gets flagged because of it.

  4. No worries guys, you gotta do whachya gotta do, the community certainly appreciates all the fine vanilla you’ve brought to us.

  5. If the torrent tracker and site is causing problems, why not just use the magnet link to distribute the content? Make sure that DHT is enabled when creating the torrent (usually on by default) and post the link to the torrent site and then the magnet link in case it goes down (a very common problem).

    Magnet links look something like this, example:

    Sometimes they include the torrent name:

    And sometimes they also include the trackers in order to connect faster:

    This way no matter what happens, even if you are site-less or tracker-less, the torrent is still distributed.

    On that note, does anybody have the magnet link for the Feb 20th 2013 batch torrent?

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