11 comments on “Release 211: Cecilia is Simply So Sensual and Seductive

  1. I thought this was a work by Red Crown (Ishigami Kazui). Oh well, even if this artist’s renditions of the characters are very close to their animated versions, the writing and composition can’t match Red Crown’s work. Still a good release nonetheless.

  2. Who is the artist? What is the title? Where and when was it released?
    You just put “Life4Kaoru Release 211” on the file AND the folder.

  3. The folder inside the archive does not have the release information. Just thought you should know. Thanks for the release!

  4. [Shimekiri Sanpunmae (Tsukimi Daifuku)] Ichika I’ll Make You Feel Good (Infinite Stratos) (Eng) [Life4Kaoru]

  5. Another one from the same artist who did “Charlotte no Okurimono”? Fantastique!

    Wonder if said artist will heed the “requests” made on page 17 to feature the other girls in his (or is it her) doujins?

    Would make a most wonderful series.

  6. Just thought you would want to know that you forgot to change the folder inside the zip to the usual naming you do.

  7. Finally, after a looong while, another Cecillia dojin. 😀
    Tired of Charl dojins everywhere. >_>
    Thanks a lot L4K. 😀

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