9 comments on “Release Names

  1. Yeah, I assumed that was what was going on. Frankly, I’m surprised more groups don’t do something similar. “Monthly Budget Requests June 2011 Board Presentation.zip” is rather less likely to get DMCA’d than “[ACRONYM] Japanese_Words_With_Underscores [H45HK3Y].rar”.

  2. Yeah, thats good
    Causes a bit of mess but…
    I preffer to get “strange named” dir after unpaching to subdir just everything than to have to create new dir myself and search for all the loose files that someone dropped into archive w/o root dir

  3. Funimation is doing such a thing?! Alarming, considering that this blog is but one of the small players distributing doujins.

    This DMCA/SOPA thing is getting out of hand. :\

  4. Funi thinks that preventing anything anime related to be spread across the internet will help their sales.

    They should try moving out of Texas and get some new VAs if you ask me.

  5. Ugh, they should just release it undubbed and straight from Japan.
    Americans have the weird need to possess and control everything outside of their own borders.

  6. Are you going to re-upload? Funimation does it way to much, there is a anime called The familiar of zero, or Zero no Tsukaima they re-released the first season but stopped. The show just ended the forth season this year after about six years and they let the copyright or license run out. They killed the fanbase.

    • We will but it might take a little while. For the time being, you can find all of our releases on exhentai by plugging our group name into the search bar. I would suggest looking up how to access it if you don’t know how already, because some people have trouble getting past the sad panda.

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