17 comments on “Release 185: Otonarisan

    • I quite enjoyed working on it, I hope to translate more things like this. Hope you like it!

  1. Minus is another good filehost , but i’m not certain what are the details regarding using them as speed,downloads per day, parallel downloads etc.(though i’ve never had a denied download so far and i’ve been seeing it a lot , especially in the last 2 months)

    • Minus has no download limits aside from a fairly generous 1 GB limit on individual files, though there is a 10 GB total limit for all files (reasonable since Minus mainly exists as an image hosting site).

      As for download speeds, I’d say it’s comparable to Mediafire.

  2. I suggest uploading to mediafire with the name as the number of the realease e.g for the 40th release the name would be “40.rar”, and inside the archive is a text file with the actual name of the release, so for people that collecty manga can rename it properly, I noticed that files that don’t indicate their content last way longer than those that do, also if 4chan states your release under its rs section it’ll be filed as abuse by feminazis in mere hours.

  3. try Tishare. relatively new and very similar to mediafire in terms of downloading (no wait times, no captchas, multisegment downloading, pausable). no idea about uploads though.

  4. Way late to the party, but I just have to say that this is one of my favorite hentai mangas of all time. Thanks a ton for translating it!

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