5 comments on “Release 174: Rock On

  1. Thank you very much! I really mean it! It’s always a pleasure to read about the incestuous interaction of the Fire Sisters with Ararara… sorry, I bit my tongue…
    (By the way, just want to point that tag should be Nisemonogatari instead of Bakemonogatari, but it’s not a big deal)

  2. \’A ‘\ and there’s still no full-size Platinum Disco song on youtube or anywhere that I tried searching for.

    As much as I enjoy these wincest doujins, they also reminds me that I STILL WANT THAT FULL SONG.

  3. I recommend an already great FireSisters doujin that’s been out a long time ago, but unfortunately only 1 chapter of it is translated. Now they recently released the whole doujin and I think the story is wrapped up already.

    I believe the name of the doujin is Onegai FireSisters_- Soushuuhen (with 4 chapters on it, only 1 translated so far) by TIES (Takei Ooki). It combined chapters like Onegai Firesisters which were translated with other doujins untranslated like Makasete Fire Sisters and Zuuto Firesisters plus added the last story to it all.

    Very great doujin by the way with not only the firesisters but even with Sengoku, so foursomes galore! I would like to see it get fully translated. I have the raws and I am willing to provide it if requested. Thanks for your consideration.

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