6 comments on “Release 164: Being Kiritsugu is Suffering

  1. Just beautiful. More than that, it’s interesting and that’s so rare. Many thanx guys for an excellent post. It can’t be the end, can it? There must be another part. At least i hope there is.

  2. Poor Kiritsugu? Dunno, nowhere near enough suffering in this, though that might be because I found all but one or two characters in zero to be complete cocks.

    • I think that’s the point of Zero.

      The 4th Holy Grail War was full of cocks. Hell, the 5th Holy Grail War was full of cocks, we just followed around the least cocklike of them all since he had no idea what the hell was going on.

      Magi are all cocks. The ones that want to fight for the Grail are bigger ones.

  3. Thanks for the awesome post! Kiritsugu is obviously the most practical Master in all the Fate franchise.

  4. Thanks for this Kiritsugu focused doujin. And am I the only one whose completely in awe of you guys abilities to find the perfect picture for the background of your credits page for each release? It’s like the pictures were tailor made for each doujin you guys worked on.

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