19 comments on “Release 143: Would you be her butler?

  1. Butler, Slave, Butter Dog, Floor Mat… I’ll take whatever is available.
    Thanks for scanlating.

    • This and Wanko were all we got for MajiKoi doujins unfortunately, there weren’t many to begin with and I think these were, by far, the best.

  2. I take it that despite the shortness of her route, you enjoyed Kaori Mizuhashi’s portrayal of Kokoro Fushikawa? Mizuhashi did a great job with the Majikoi anime as well.

    • Yeah I do, and I like the direction they went in with the route, the romance was cute, I just wish it was longer because she’s one of my favorites.

      • Has Kaori Mizuhashi ever appeared in a convention for Western fans? I know “Momoyo-nee-san” Yuu Asakawa has appeared once before in a North American convention, but it’d be nice to see Mizuhashi too. I have to wonder whether she’d actually sign a copy of Majikoi S, though . . .

        • I don’t believe she has. They might not be allowed to admit they were even in the game, since it’s 18+. I follow Asakawa Yuu on twitter and she had to explain to fans that she couldn’t say anything about her involvement on the game, I’m not sure what the reason was but I would guess it’s probably related to them always using aliases for eroge credits.

  3. Not related to this one, but I just saw Incest Strategy 2 on tokyotosho, and since you guys did the first one I figured I’d ask if you’ll do this one too.

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