11 comments on “Release 138: KyoSaya – The Sequel

  1. YES! So sweet!
    Thanks so much for working on this beauty!
    Totally worth the wait. Well, Kyouko is a top tier cutie in my book.
    I hope there’s going to be more life 4 yuri soon!

  2. Ah, how lovely. I greatly enjoy how they continue to put Kyouko in character so well. It’s also fantastic how they manage to use Kyubey’s expressionless nature for a humorous effect just as well as Shinbo used it for a frightening effect.

    Is it just me, or were the scenes where they were trying to manage the relationship much better than the sex scenes? I want the next chapter to be about them opening a shared bank account or taking out a mortgage on a home…

  3. You guys are awesome! I was despairing with the lack of KyouSaya doujinshi available in the nets. Thanks for the prequel too. I love you guys for life!

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