4 comments on “It’s almost X-mas time: why aren’t you rewatching Amagami SS?

  1. What? I’ve finished Haruka route in Amagami PSP. :p
    It was good, enjoyed it very much. Shame that there’s a few game exclusive scenes didn’t make it into the Anime. I also liked the feature where you need to “chat” with the girls to get close to them.

    Kinda dissapointed when I heard the 2nd season will only gives 2 episode max for each heroine.

  2. When was that revealed? that sounds kinda weird. I would think the arcs would be shorter for the girls like Hibiki who’s routes were added in various ports and I think are smaller then the normal girls routes, but only 2 episodes? that’s just a little TO short. 3 would be fine I imagine for them

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