5 comments on “Release 97: We’re baaacccckkk

  1. Thanks for the release. It was very funny. Is that a scrub brush stuck to her head in the bath scene on page 12? It’s stuck there in such an odd way. Thanks again.

  2. That was amazingly adorable. Hah hah, Sayaka, the only people who say that line to get someone into the bath have ~ulterior motives~. All of Kyoko’s ‘responses’ to Sayaka’s teasing were ‘A’ class, especially the end.

    Sadly, although the yuri is sweet, in this doujin, Sayaka could be switched out for a generic protagonist & I don’t think anything would change…. It’s probably the page limit / time constraints, but very little stood out as what characterizes Sayaka, much less as a female. T_T

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