9 comments on “Release 73: Blushing, Handholding, and 10kg of Donuts

  1. Have yet to watch the anime, but i’ll be saving this doujin until i finish downloading it. Thank you Nandeyanen and KP.

  2. Great read, great art, though I really had quite hard a time what exactly they were talking about on those last pages from pg. 18 to 22.
    Guess reading Kizumonogatari, the prequel about Koyomi and Shinobu, would help.

  3. Just another thing I noticed, I might be wrong but on page 19 at the bottom left panel when idiotic faces were being talked about, I think it was Shinobu talking about Araragi’s idiotic face. Shinobu isn’t the type to admit she has an idiotic face on or ever having companions other than Araragi. I could be wrong though.

  4. Based on what Hayate told me about the story, Shinobu had previous people she was with, but they went crazy and killed themselves. The Japanese used makes me lean towards her talking about her own experiences. Going with the rest of the story, shes trying to do some sort a double suicide because it seems to her that Araragi is going insane himself, and he admits to acting unusually on the next page. Plus she comments earlier on how long its been since they’ve looked at each other.

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