12 comments on “Operation Verdandi

  1. For reasons not to be specified, this is the best course of action possible under the parameters put upon us. For now at least.

    So don’t feel bad for him, better yet, cheer him on so he can get through it quicker.

  2. It’s unfortunate to hear what happened but I’m still curious how his parents managed to ‘break into’ his laptop, did he not password it or something?

    • Hey man, password or not, what kind of parents not giving their son some privacy when he is already 20 years old?

  3. I’ve only gotten sorta-answers in 4chan. I’m pretty sure the whole story is nonsense. His parents saw his…Porno?…And threatened to stop paying for college if he kept translating strange japanese pornography?

    Give me some context here. Is he japanese? Are his parents? How would they even know wat.

  4. Over controlling parents saw all the porn, presumably flipped out, etc… don’t know much more than that. Not really my place to comment on the college stuff, there is probably more to it than just porn translation. We don’t know the exact details either, just that he won’t be around for a while.

  5. He was getting poor grades in college, and I suppose his parents suspected that this hobby of his was affecting his ability to concentrate on his studies.

    Best of luck, Hayate.

  6. I’m glad that even though Hayate is going through a difficult time right now, his work will continue thanks to the efforts of his friends and colleagues.

    Thanks for all the doujins and stories, Hayate; hopefully we can all enjoy IS S2 together once things have settled down. I know I can’t wait to see more Cecilia.

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