17 comments on “Infinite Stratos SS1

  1. Thanks for the release, I was hoping that this would get translated at some stage. Just curious about one thing though, are the chapter headings supposed to go from Chapter 1, to C2, and C3, then to CC4?

    • Yeah, I should have made it more clear than CC meant Closing chapter but I feel people get it anyways.

  2. Hey, thanks for this! I was starting to despair as to when this part going to be translated! I can read it in it’s native language but it’s a bit choppy… so thanks again for this and all the other IS works and of course, the Charlotte centric ones!

    I’ve been frequenting your site for quite some time now and it’s only now that I remember to give my thanks… My apologies, then!

  3. Think you guys want a collaboration with the last two SS? I’m willing to translate if you guys can help me with the rest of the stuff. (of course once volume 7 is done).

    Also, just to let you know that I’m interested in uploading the first SS on B-T as well. Under your name, so how should I address you guys?

    • We’d be up for that. And I’ll keep pitching in helping out with edits for 7.

      You can upload the first SS with “Courtesy of Nandeyanen and Hayate from Life4Kaoru”. Just make sure if you choose to link us to throw out a disclaimer that this is a 18+ site.

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