4 comments on “[C79][Dream Halls! (Tsuzuri)] Denpa no Natsu Erio no Natsu

  1. Last page lol.
    I don’t think that cousins in Japan should worry about situation in Britain’s Pakistani community.

  2. Last page, I kinda raged… Seriously, was the translator forced to translate this? Does he/she have something against incest? Of fictitious characters? And after this, are you guys gonna ad a credits page with information about the punishment applied to, let’s say, statutory rape, every time you translate a doujin where a character underage is having sex? Please don’t compare real life situations/problems with a FICTIONAL series about fictional characters. That’s a bone killer. Keep reality in one side, and fiction on the other, thanks.

    On the other hand, and what this post should have been, I have to say that I’m grateful for the translation.

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