24 comments on “VOLUME 5 COMPLETE

  1. Great work on this! Are you guys going to work on the previous volumes of the Amagami Various Artists Anthologies by any chance?

    • Our translator who did this one has expressed interest in doing more but to what degree in not known at this time.

  2. would you please reupload to a different site?
    you probably already know the problem megaupload has encountered recently…

    • I agree with me. me makes a good point. I like me. me is a sexy beast!

      Heh, name puns aside, the link IS actually quite dead and I can’t seem to find the full volume anywhere else. Could you fabulous dudes find it in your collective hearts to re-upload it for Great Justice?

  3. Ah, I don’t mean to sound like a total Bitchy McWhineypants but it’s been a month since you said you’d re-upload this. Did you forget or are you just drawing out the anticipation? I warn you now, I am fatally allergic to such antics. I’m sure no-one here wants to be responsible for my ‘orrible murder. I’m just too sexy to die!

  4. I am a shit man. Sorry about the long wait. Things in my life just got really busy in the past few weeks and it kind of slipped my mind. Hope you enjoy now.

    • Wow, so you’re a shit man? That’s interesting. I’ve always been more of a breast man myself but hey, different strokes for different folks as they say, amirite? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      And don’t worry about the wait mate, I INSTANTLY FORGIVE YOU! How can I not with this veritable bounty spread before me? Thanks a lot, mate, ’tis indeed glorious 😀

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