13 comments on “Hibiki Character Monologue

    • Basically, after spending some time with Miya, Haruka wants to know what it’s like being a younger sibling, so she convinces Hibiki to pretend to be your “imoutos” during lunch. They both start off by bending their knees so they’re shorter than you, going “Okaeri, onii-chan!”, though Hibiki’s sounds forced since she’s not comfortable with it at all unlike Haruka. I actually think Hibiki is playing the friend of the younger sister, since Haruka asks if it’s alright that she brought a friend home (they’re all pretending their at home, so you just go with it). You say yes, Haruka says that makes her happy, and in a soft voice, Hibiki goes “Onii-chan…daisuki.” After that, Haruka starts kissing up to you, talking about how lunch is a very important meal for a girl her age. That’s when Hibiki starts getting into it too, and they both ask you to buy the “Deluxe Lunch Set” for them. You realize you’ve been bamboozled, but “there’s no helping it”, so when you say fine, both of them cheer and yell “ONII-CHAN DAISUKI!”

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    • We have someone who is kind of working on helping restore the old releases, but it’ll take some time.

  2. Please, reupload Hibiki´s monologue. I´ve been searching for a translated one and every link I find is dead. I need Hibiki´s! XD

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